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06 September 2019

Integrated mobility at heart of Texelis display at DSEI 2019

  • TXP chassis system at heart of display
  • T700 and T900 independent suspension axles also on show

Integrated mobility is at the heart of the Texelis stand, N7-300, during DSEI 2019. At the centre is the TXP range of complete chassis systems ready to be fitted to an armoured vehicle hull.

The TXP can be provided as an integrated system including vehicle frame or as a kit of parts ready to be fitted to either monocoque shells or traditional frame designs.  The TXP includes the powerpack, transmission, vehicle controls, steering, driveline, suspension and axle systems.

The Texelis TXP family, is designed for armoured vehicles up to 18 ton gross vehicle weight. The chassis includes everything from the wheels through suspension, steering, powerpack, transmission to the dashboard and all the vehicle mobility electronics.

“We are experiencing increasing demand for the supply of our TXP range from countries who want to develop their own armoured vehicle capability, especially those looking for good protection without sacrificing mobility and usability,” said Jean Vandel, Head of Defence at Texelis.

“”By purchasing a complete chassis system they are then able to focus on developing their skills in creating the hulls and related systems, which not only gives them an independent industrial capability, but can also be a significant source of future revenue,” added Mr Vandel.

A recent success is the French Defence Force’s Serval or VBMR-L 4x 4 vehicle, being produced in partnership with Nexter following the award of contracts in early 2018. The first vehicles have been delivered on time to the French Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) and are currently undergoing testing.

Also on display are the T700 and T900 independent suspension systems, developed in partnership with Timoney Technology. The modular T700 is designed for 4×4 armoured vehicles with a gross axle weight up to 7000kg; coupled to a transfer case and steering system, these axles can be configured as a complete driveline solution providing optimum mobility.

For the heavier 4×4, 6×6 or 8×8 the T900, designed by Timoney, has a maximum axle rating of 9000kg.  The axle system has been proven on a wide range of vehicles covering many thousands of kilometres.