Client Community

As a consultancy, Marontech is focused on providing support to clients operating in sectors where we have expertise and an unmatched portfolio of results. Over the years, we have not just built a ‘list of clients’, but have evolved a group of client companies, which has, thanks to interaction and communication between each other, become what they and we, are proud to regard as our ‘Client Community’.

We don’t pretend to be experts across the myriad of business-to-business markets in the world, but we do know the markets in which we operate successfully – Defence, Aerospace and Security.

Clients in our community for whom we devise and manage national and international press and public relations campaigns range from small start-ups to FTSE 100 companies and companies with headquarters across the globe.

Our forte ranges from writing trade media releases and articles (technical and corporate) through creating marketing collateral, managing your presence at major exhibitions, new product launches and running successful international marketing campaigns.

We look forward to working with you and together, delivering results.

We relish working within a community supporting your activities in delivering against your identified goals. We get just as excited by your success as you do.

Talk to us and we believe that you will want to welcome us into your community, so that together, we can achieve success.

Our client community provides solutions including:

  • Defence, aerospace and security electronics
  • Deployable infrastructure such as field hospitals, workshops, ground control stations
  • Logistics including fuel and water systems
  • Power solutions
  • Surveillance systems
  • Training solutions
  • Unmanned vehicles
  • Vehicles and vehicle systems