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20 February 2017

Rapid, Low Cost Vehicle Development From Timoney

Reduces development time and costs by up to 75%

A new faster and more cost effective way of developing armoured vehicles is announced today by Timoney. The working methodology that Timoney has developed reduces project timelines and development costs through the initial stages of new vehicle programmes by as much as 75% compared to traditional methods.

The proven process uses an iterative, highly collaborative working model and leverages the experience that Timoney has gained through 50 years of off-highway vehicle development.

Timoney has created this process to assist both established OEM’s and emerging vehicle manufacturers with the development of 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 vehicles. Timoney are able to rapidly develop full under hull chassis solutions incorporating all required automotive systems and centred on its cutting edge driveline technology leaving its OEM partners free to develop survivability solutions and mission packages in parallel.

“Whilst we are not a vehicle OEM, we have probably been instrumental in the development of more 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 vehicles than most of the main players in the  market today,” said Shane O’Neill, Chief Executive of Timoney. “Using this experience and our unique operating model we are able to help well-established OEMs to significantly shorten their development cycle and position them to win programmes that otherwise may be inaccessible due to time and cost.”

“For those just entering the market and looking to develop indigenous vehicle skills this process provides a wide range of automotive design, development and prototyping skills and an immediate capability that ordinarily would take many years to acquire. This enables them to eliminate technical and commercial risk and to get their vehicles to market much quicker,” added Mr O’Neill.

Timoney, working with its customers, has developed a range of flexible commercial solutions aligned to its ethos of technology creation for technology transfer and development through collaboration. These include licencing and technology transfer models that provide access to the IP which the company has developed.

Timoney is exhibiting on stand 09-A32 during IDEX 2017.

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